About Mettatherapies

Metta Therapies is based on the principals of loving kindness to yourself body, mind and spirit. Mia Manners treats with an understanding that we are all different and all unique. I apply my therapeutic massage and reflexology around energetic frequencies to tap into the body and to help the body, mind and spirit replenish holistically. I am available for home and work visits and or you can come to my room. I have been working with Help The Aged throughout 2011 where I have found my clientele extremely happy with the results (see letters of recommendation). Whether you have Reflexology, Tui Na, Indian Head or Thai Massage, I have found that using all of the above can really support the body and mind.

With metta,
Mia Manners

Mettatherapies Credentials


IFR – Certificcate of Continuing Professional Development in Working in Cancer & Palliative Care

CPCAB – Level 2 Award in introduction to Counselling Skills

Morley College – Certificate of Attendance and Completion of a 15 week professional course in Tui-Na (Chinese Massage)

IEB (International Examination Board) – Passed the final examination in the theory and practice of Reflexology relative to Pregnancy, labour and Post-natal care, and has satisfied this Board of her ability to practice


IFR – Acceptance as a full member of the International Federation of Reflexologists

City Guilds – Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology

Certificate of Continuing Professional Development in Foot reading for Reflexologists

ITEC – Level 3 Diploma in Indian Head Massage

LPA Medical – First Aid (Attendance of First Aid for Appointed Persons)

Template Healing – Certificate of training in Spiritual Healing (Higher frequenccy Programming)


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