How Might I Feel After A Treatment

The application and effect of each treatment is unique and response will vary from person to person. You may leave feeling deeply relaxed, even a bit sleepy or totally re-energized and full of vitality.

There are many responses involved in the healing process which are very normal and nothing to worry about. You may experience none or some of the following post-treatment:

  • Rejuvination / Improved sleep
  • Eliminations / Bowel / Urination improvements
  • Headaches / Feeling cold / Nausea
  • Magnification of existing symptoms
  • Increased mucus in throat / nose /chest, females may experience more vaginal discharge
  • Tiredness / Interrupted sleep
  • Heightened emotions
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These mainly occur because of the body cleansing and ridding of toxins. The effects can last up to a couple of days, so do not be worried.

You can feel great after just one treatment, however, to really reap the benefits you might consider having more. This can help in the recovery from injuries, counteract stress and bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.